Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

Working in healthcare can be a very rewarding career. Sussex Healthcare understands what it takes to deliver exceptional healthcare every day of the year. Come join the elite team that makes up the staff of Sussex Healthcare. With a quarter of a century experience in this field of work, Sussex Healthcare has proven that providing the best care possible yields a better work environment for the staff members and the many beloved patients that are cared for there. This prestigious healthcare team now invites all individuals looking for a career challenge to apply for the mix of interesting jobs now open.

Sussex Healthcare is a recognizable name in this U.K. region. These healthcare experts have over twenty five years of competent experience, and now the group operates twenty finer personal care facilities. The organization offers exceptional healthcare, friendly services and many patient amenities to elder patients living in their beautiful private care homes. There are many nursing positions available for registered nurses and care assistants on all shifts. Flexible scheduling is offered for some of these well paying positions. Also needed are an activity coordinator, therapist assistants, building managers and some administrative type positions. An IT position is also available, as well as kitchen, dining room, laundry and domestic assistant jobs in different facilities.


The salary pay rates being offered by Sussex Healthcare are higher and competitive for the industry. Experienced drivers are needed to provide safe and reliable transportation for patients living at a Sussex Healthcare home or involved in this organization’s many outreach programs. There is now a splendid audiology department that offers state-of-the-art hearing device services to anyone needing help due to impaired hearing. The organization just recently announced another facility opening that is getting attention. The brand new gym facilities are astonishingly gorgeous, and the trained staff working there offers personalized exercise routine programs deemed safe for the patient.

All of the stunning facilities, within the wide umbrella of Sussex Healthcare homes, are kept clean and fully staffed. This stellar healthcare provider now is actively recruiting for new staff members able to fill the currently offered job positions. There is a wealth of job openings that surely will suit many area job seekers. Those applying from farther away locations will love the charm of this area. Many staff members at Sussex Healthcare are long term employees, and the organization offers substantial extra benefits like healthcare insurance.

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