Anthony Petrello CEO Of Nabor Industries

Not many will understand how much the Gulf Coast was affected by Hurricane Harvey more than those who live there. Anthony Petrello who is Chief Executive Officer of Nabor Industries saw the full scope of the devastation and took action when the storm dissipated to restore the areas in Houston, Texas back to the way they were before the storm hit. Along with the employees of Nabor Industries, as well as many other groups, Anthony Petrello worked alongside many to look out for those in need. The onsite kitchens of the company were used to feed the hungry, shelter was provided for those without, and also fundraising took place to relieve some of the burden felt from this catastrophe.

The employees of Nabor Industries were able to raise $173,622 to fund relief efforts and Anthony Petrello matched that amount dollar for dollar. The Nabors Disaster Relief Fund was created to tackle such tasks and it has been successful in its goals thus far of raising funds and supporting people affected by natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey. Nabor Industries employs roughly 1200 people and around 10 percent of that workforce actually lives in Gulf Coast and was affected. They came together under the leadership of Anthony Petrello to really make a change and help those who were unable to help themselves due to circumstances caused by the storm.

Anthony and his wife Cynthia are both major contributors to charity and take pride in the philanthropy that they participate in. Living in Houston, it really did hit home and Anthony Petrello was not one to sit on the sidelines and wait for others to do what they could. Aside from the donations and relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey, He and his wife have also donated to the Texas Childrens Hospital in the generous amount of $7 million. This donation helped the hospital start a research institute that helps children with Neurological disorders and more. Anthony also known for honoring a past professor with an endowment fund. His professor was his mentor and along with others he matched $150,000 that went towards the fund. A true philanthropist and businessman, Anthony has been able to help many in ways that one could only imagine with his kindness and generosity.

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