Passion, Perseverance & Dedication: Dr. Clay Siegall

The world of cancer research has come along way over the years. Many of today’s breakthrough therapies started out as an idea in the past. As of today, this exclusive field of work has touched many people’s lives by the actual saving of lives. There are quite a few cancer research organizations in the world, but the United States is home to one of the top cancer fighting organizations. Seattle Genetics is its name and saving lives via breakthrough therapies is its game. The Washington-based company produces one of the absolute best cancer therapies. This therapy is known as ADCETRIS, and it’s currently one of the top cancer fighting medications on the market.

ADCETRIS’s actions are superior to other similar medications. Cancer patients have a much higher chance of winning the war against this dangerous disease. The medication became FDA-approved back in 2011, and it has gone on to generate hundreds of millions of dollars. In order for the medication to be this successful, it had to have been entered into multiple licensing deals. Thanks to Dr. Clay Siegall, this top-of-the-line medication can now be used in foreign markets. Did you know that ADCETRIS is currently benefiting people in 70 different countries? Yes, this is absolutely true and Siegall has certainly used his intellectual-brilliance to the highest degree. This man is a well-known doctor, a scientist, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. In other words, he’s a rare breed. Being so highly accomplished, Siegall has grown to be one of the most respected persons in cancer research.

Seattle Genetics has certainly done its part for mankind, but it isn’t quite finished because there are many more innovative drugs that are in testing. The future outlook for dealing with this illness is looking mighty bright. Dr. Clay Siegall has been on a personal mission to eradicate cancer and as long as he is on the scene, cancer will remain on its last leg.

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