Cancer Treatment Centers Of America – Integrated Cancer Care

Cancer is the uncontrolled multiplication of cells in the body. This can affect any system of the body such as the lungs, stomach, brain and so on. The treatment of cancer entails drugs, physiotherapy, counseling and sometimes, surgery. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are dedicated to the cause of treating this disease through the best possible care.

The Center believes that treatment of each patient should be specific to his particular cancer. Any generalized therapy will not have the same results as precision treatment. This what the Cancer Treatment Centers of America strives to offer to its patients. The team of doctors and supportive care members treat cancer only and deal with all aspects of care such as side effects and counseling as well.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America tailors treatment to suit a person’s needs. It also ensures that all needs of a patient are met at one Center itself. So a patient has a team of oncologists, physical therapists, and nurses that manage the patient and his or her symptoms in totality. This is line with the integrative and patient-centered treatment approach of the Center. The Center also provides coordinated care. This is a car manager that helps schedule physician appointments and manage other aspects of patient care so that the patient can recover as soon as possible.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers several career placements. A qualified physician, medical oncologist, dentist or gastroenterologist can apply for job vacancies in the therapeutic zone. Hospitalists and nocturnists are also required to fill vacancies at the Center. In the supportive services area, jobs are available for the roles of advanced practice provider, advisor, center nurse care manager, medical assistant, nurse, medical technologist, pharmacist, education specialist, and respiratory therapist.

The administrative wing of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America seeks eligible candidates who can apply for the positions of advocate, chaplain, cook, medical assistant, driver, surgical technician, engineer, and steward. The business end of the Center has job openings for communications specialists, managers, nurse advisors, director of relationship marketing and payor contracting manager.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has several accreditations by reputed committees such as The Joint Commission, Breast National Accreditation Program for Breast Cancers (NAPBC), College of American Pathologists, American Association of Blood Banks, Nuclear Regulatory Commission and many others. The Center has also been recognized for its exemplary role in cancer management. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has several branches at Tulsa, Atlanta, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

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