Online therapy for $32 a month

Who do you talk to when you have problems? Therapy can be very beneficial for those who need professional assistance. That’s where the New York based company is currently thriving. Talkspace offers you psychotherapy on your mobile device for $32 a month. That’s right for the price of a metrocard you can talk to your therapist all while on the go via text. Talkspace have over 1000 professionals at anytime waiting to help you. That’s right 1000 professionals. Just in case you’re not feeling too great and need someone to talk to, TalkSpace has you covered.

The concept is great and the idea is still fresh. The Industry is expriencing a very high growth period, and Talkspace is amongst the leaders. The goal of the company is to help you access professionals at your discretion. For only $32 you can be on your way to getting some of your deepest problems solve in a very discrete manner. You no longer have to be a shame when you are talking to your therapist. You can talk to live professionals via text with Talk space. Is it worth it for $32? You be the judge. Currently Talk Space has nothing but positive reviews. You should check them out when you have the chance.

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