PSI Pay, revolutionizing electronic currency

PSI Pay provides sponsorship payment solutions that gives businesses the support of an FCA regulated institution. A leading “Fintech” company in the United Kingdom, and Principle Member of MasterCard since 2009, PSI Pay is licensed to issue prepaid paid cards, debit cards and other electronic payment regulated products available in 44 currencies and in 173 countries. Since 2014 PSI Pay is able to offer MasterCard services throughout the European Union.

PSI Pay offers a unique product line that makes them an advantages partner for businesses whose activities involve money management, specifically activities required by FCA regulatory authority. Their Full Partner Sponsorships, a solution for non-Financial Services partners, but are still need solutions to manage their own electronic currency services, and still need the regulatory requirements by the FCA.

Regulated Partnership Sponsorship, another PSI Pay solution ideally for partners that are authorized by the Europe on Union, but are not MasterCard members. The Partner Sponsorship LITE, is model for partners who are regulated and authorized, and are interested in becoming a MasterCard affiliate.

PSI Pay’s products and services are flexible and are customized to satisfy the needs of their partners. Their customizable and flexible products allows them build meaningful and fruitful partnerships to help expand and refine electronic money transactions. In 2016 PSI Pay and Kerv Wearables announced a partnership that will create the world’s first contactless payment ring on the global market. Kerv Wearables creates wearable contactless devices that can be used anywhere in the world that accepts standard contactless credit, debit and prepaid card payments. Kerv is able to now offer MasterCard payment services due to PSI Pay’s flexible and innovative partnership solutions, which now gives Kerv’s payment ring the ability to make payments in 38 million locations worldwide. PSI Pay’s Managing Director is extremely pleased with this partnership and is very optimistic about the potential success working with Kerv Werables.

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