Clay Hutson Takes Live Tours to a whole new level

Clay decided to venture into the business world after several years working in his previous jobs. After the economic recession hit hard his former employer, he decided it was time to venture alone and create his niche. He relied heavily on his marketable skills that he was able to pick from his previous jobs. This he says has been helpful to him having a successful business. The fact that he also pays attention to client details has also served to make his business credentials.

In the current music industry, he says he has been excited by the new technologies that have brought swift changes in the industry. So he tries his level best to be updated on these technologies to meet the needs of his clients. The equipment that fascinates him most is the Mobile lighting equipment which he says has been enhanced as it is now lighter and brighter.

On an inspirational note, Clay says he feels inspired by some of the favorite quotes by famous people like Thomas Jefferson and Vince Lombardi. He also recommends people to read “Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff” a book by the famous Richard Carlson. This he says has helped him to have a comfortable attitude on his work and not to put himself under any pressure. Learn more:

Before deciding to go alone, Clay Hutson worked for several entertainment companies serving in different roles. He has worked as a sound engineer and project manager and the experience he got to set him up for his own entertainment production business. Hutson holds a college degree in theatre design. He has dedicated his time and money to overseeing all aspects of live tours such as production and design.

Throughout his career, Clay Hutson has worked with different artists in the industries to create some of the finest and memorable music in history. Some of the big names he has worked with include; Garbage, pink and Kid Rock and Guns’ n Roses.

To all entrepreneurs, Clay Hutson recommends that they ensure what they deliver is nothing but the best. He says he always counter checks his works thoroughly and repeatedly to fine tune it to the best level this he has aided him to build a reputable name in the music industry. He further adds that an entrepreneur should be hands-on and always present to minimize things from getting out of hand.

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