How Peter Briger Has Made It To The Top

To make it into the top 350 richest people in the world on Forbes World’s Billionaire list you have to be equal parts determined and innovative while also being consistently good for a long period of time. Pete Briger, Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board at Fortress Investment Group, checks all of those boxes — and more. Since 2002 Briger has been in the leadership of Fortress Investment Group a company that is quickly becoming one of the leading investment managers on the planet, and has won praise from all segments of the financial sector for their continued success. More specifically, Briger helps to oversee a whopping $65 billion dollars worth of assets while working with each client to make sure they get the specialized and reliable financial plans that make Fortress Investment Group such a top of the line institution.

Before his stint with Fortress, Peter was a key player with other giants of the financial game including Goldman Sachs. Prior to that, he was a student at Princeton University and then the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Years later, as a successful businessman, Briger has given back in a big way to Princeton University: by being a part of a group that will offer $100,000 to recent Princeton grads who are looking to bring their business idea to fruition. Surely, this type of willingness to bet on the next generation of ideas is one of the many reasons why he has found such success in the ever changing business world.

But it is not just business success that has defined Peter Briger’s life to this point. In the civic service arena Briger serves as the member of esteemed Council on Foreign Relations (a nonpartisan thinktank that works towards dynamic, 21st-century solutions to global issues). Philanthropically Pete Briger has given over $600 million dollars to the preservation for Central Park in New York City, a generous gift that will go an immesurable way in ensuring that New Yorkers and visitors will get to enjoy the award-winning bark for generations to come. Additionally, he has even founded the Peter and Devon Briger Foundation to help provide access to the arts as well as better health and education for our youth. This type of philanthropy shows that Peter has his eye on more than just his bottom line and that he truly cares about the issues facing our society.

Making it to the Forbes list is an important milestone and one to be applauded, but life is about so much more than that — this is something that Peter Briger has clearly grasped in his years of business. By balancing demands of business with a spirit of giving Peter Briger has become so much more than just a successful businessman. His philanthropic bent and willingness to give will provide so much for so many people, and he’s only just beginning. Plus, at only 51 years of age there is still plenty of career left for the already wildly successful Briger, it will be interesting to see what he can come up with next.

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