David McDonald Is A Legend In The Foodservice Industry For A Reason:

David McDonald is an American businessman who is a legend in the world of foodservice. He serves as the President, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board of Directors for the global food processing and distribution giant OSI Group, LLC. David was born into a farming family in Iowa and was raised to have a highly developed sense of the value of hard work. This has translated over very well to David’s long and successful career in the food business. He attended college in his home state at Iowa State Univesity in Ames Iowa. He majored in animal science, a field that had always interested him since his days growing up on the farm. When he graduated from Iowa State in 1987 he was presented with the opportunity to join the ever-expanding operations of OSI Group. When he first joined the expanding firm, he was tasked with helping in that expansion by working to grow OSI Group’s Asian presence. He was given the job of project manager. Ever since this time, David has fully committed to OSI Group’s commitment to continually expand the companies global footprint. In the years he has been with OSI Group, the company has expanded its presence in China to a total of ten facilities and has also greatly ramped up its operations in Europe.

David McDonald truly believes that OSI Group has a model that will ensure sustainability for the company long into the future. The company’s culture is based on a family ethic that treats customers and employees as family members. This is the culture that was cultivated by OSI Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald has fully bought into this policy. OSI has very low turnover as a result of its employees being made to feel like that are important members of a team. The company also maintains its clients over long periods of time due to the incredible customer service and dedication to delivering the best food solutions in the business.

David McDonald has also been working tirelessly to continue OSI Group’s worldwide expansion. The company recently opened its newest of ten facilities in China and David feels like the new facility is truly a representation of the commitment that the company has put into its Chinese market. OSI Group has also recently acquired two amazing European food companies Baho Food and Flagship Europe which will serve to dramatically increase OSI Group’s European market share. Flagship Europe will also be rebranded under the name Creative Foods Europe.

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