Tony Petrello, The Legendary Philanthropist

So many people hold the opinion that individuals who hold executive positions are self-centered and futile. However, this view is false for Tony Petrello, the esteemed CEO of Nabors industry which is famous for his big heart. He is known for his tremendous support to the charitable organization. His philanthropic course has grown and extended with his wife Cynthia on his back hence making the CEO a vivid example from which many are to copy.

Background Information

Opportunities are ever at the doorstep of Tony Petrello. Lately, he hosted Tommy Tune, a celebrity from Broadway who came back to Houston in his hometown. A multitude of fans turned up, and Tommy Tune had a remarkable show and socialized with them as he enjoyed his home dishes. However, Tony Petrello who agreed to host this welcoming party was widely spoken for his philanthropic course.


Anthony Petrello, though a CEO, flashbacked on the setbacks he had to pass through in the early stages of his education due to poverty; he got a full scholarship to complete his college education. As a way of giving back, the CEO introduced the Yale scholarship to radiate the future of intelligent students who are limited by hardships to attain the right education which they deserve to scale higher.

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Hurricane Harvey

In the period of Hurricane Harvey, Nabors Industry, under the leadership of Tony Petrello, was so hearty to allow a team of their workers, to go forth in assisting the hurricane victims, yet they still got all their pay. Moreover, Nabors did set aside relief assistance funds besides feeding the affected at least three times a day in their onsite cooking area.

Tony’s Daughter

Carena, Tony’s daughter, suffers from the neurological disorder, after premature birth, which affects the performance of her brain. This condition, however, motivates Tony and his wife towards donating money to medical research institutions with the hope of finding a cure. This led to their collaboration with an institute known as Dan Duncan and the Children Hospital at Texas which Tony Petrello fund.

The Overview of Leadership and Life

Tony holds a degree in mathematics, from the Yale University, and in law from Harvard.Petrello was born in Newark but left for Houston. In 1991, he began a new role as the president of Nabors which remains one of the most famous construction Industry globally.

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