Saving the Jewish Communities: Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein was born and grew up in Israel. He joined the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971. Upon completing his mandatory service in the military, he began his education at the Israeli Institute of Technology, graduating with a business and economics degree. After working with his dad in the real estate business for a number of years, Adam Milstein and his family moved to the United States. He reentered the school force at the University of Southern California and earned a master’s degree in business administration. Milstein currently works in the real estate industry.

Adam Milstein is an advocate and serves in various capacities for many pro-Israel organizations. He is the National Chairman for the Israeli-American Council; he helps in the educational aspects of The American Israel Education Foundation; additionally, he serves as a board member of StandWithUs, Israel On Campus Coalition, Christian United for Israel, and, among others, the American Jewish Committee. Milstein and his wife also created the Milstein Foundation who has two main goals; first, is to bring strength to Israel and its relationship with the United States; and second, to help preserve the Jewish identity in the younger generation. Despite being busy with his day job and philanthropy work, Adam Milstein is also a committed writer on the blog “The Times of Israel.

Milstein recently wrote a blog about the current challenges the Jewish people face. He gives the example of the worldwide anti-Israel campaign that is striving to eliminate the State of Israel. He has a firm belief that these types of challenges demand the use of great leadership and action from the Jewish communities around the world. He makes a couple of suggestions in how to battle this challenge. First, Adam Milstein suggests that the Jewish American communities need to show support for the modern day Jewish heroes. Second, Adam Milstein believes that there is a need for Jewish American citizens, and Jewish people in general, who will inspire the next generation with the importance of the Jewish culture, who will be a voice against antisemitism, and who will support both the Jewish people who live in the United States and in their homeland of Israel. He believes that it will not be an easy challenge to battle, but that is critical that it is, and that it is done effectively and efficiently.’s-200-Influential-Philanthropists

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