Scale Your Company To The Global Level With Equities First Holdings

Equities First LLC is a leader in the alternative shareholder financing. It offers solutions that help you lend using alternative financing solutions. Equities First has long established itself as a global leader in the arena of alternative investments.

It is also revealed that the company had seen massive growth and traction where other banking institutions have been making the lending criteria stricter. As a matter of fact, EFH has seen an enormous improvement in margin loans and stock-based loans. With more and more companies and lending institutions tightening their lending criteria, Loans collateralized as stocks will be a unique option for individuals who are seeking global working capital.

In the recent times, there has been news that Equities First Holdings has partnered with Australian company Environmental Clean Technologies Limited. This company, ECT will be constructing a $30 million R&D facility in India. This unique borrowing method of EFC has enabled many businesses like this in expanding their operations on a global level.

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