Tony Petrello: The Businessman And Generous Philanthropist

Tony Petrello: The Businessman And Generous Philanthropist

Tony Petrello has superseded most people’s wildest dreams. By being successful in business and his involvement in charity added to his education in mathematics and law. In 2015, the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries was among the best-paid CEOs in America.

Nabors Industries is one of the most successful land oil drilling companies in the world. However, Mr. Petrello had to endure a lot of twists and turns in his life before he became the CEO of this successful company. The New Jersey-born CEO was one of the math prodigies in hometown Newark. His prowess led him to Yale University where he was awarded a scholarship. In addition to this, Mr.Petrello had the unique chance of being mentored by an outstanding professor, mathematician, and author who was called Serge Lang. The French-born professor wrote outstanding math textbooks and he was well known for his theory work in mathematics.

Tony Petrello has been described by his classmates and roommates as an outgoing extrovert. Although he attended public schools, he was able to excel at Yale and he graduated with both a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree. In addition to this, he attended Harvard Law School after his mathematics education. This came as a surprise to many especially his mentor and math professor who knew about his exceptional mathematics ability. In 1970, Mr. Petrello graduated from the renowned law school in Harvard. Yale was a significant part of the CEOs life because it was while he was here that he fell in love with the love of his life Cynthia. Petrello eventually married Cynthia who became a mother, renowned producer of soap operas, an actress, and a dancer.

After he graduated from law school, Tony Petrello started working for a well-known law firm in the US. His specialty at the Baker & McKenzie law firm was business law with a bias in arbitration and taxation. While working in this department, he discovered that he loved the interaction that finance and law presented. By 1986, he had been appointed as the law firm’s division in New York managing partner. However, after Nabors Industries became a client of Baker & McKenzie. Mr. Petrello made a lasting impression on the company’s top executives after working on their account diligently. His hard work and talent led Nabors to recruit him and he left the law firm and joined the oil and natural gas drilling company.

Apart from his prowess in the business world, Tony Petrello is also well known for his role in charity. Mr. Petrello has been able to give back to society by generously donating to research that will eventually assist children who have neurological disorders.

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