OSI Industries- Tapping into the excellent winning power

The OSI Group has excellent innovation strategic tools that are practical and winning, and it’s celebrating over 100 years of offering exceptional food processing solutions. It started from a corner butcher shop, the OSI group boasts of having 20,000 workforces in different city globally, and its long history begins from Chicago. The shop started in 1914, and it underwent three transitions to formally be known as OSI Industries and enlarging into a global company with first operation offering of grounded beef to McDonald’s.

The OSI Company use different cutting-edge technologies to stand its position in the market, and Sheldon Lavin steers its innovation and expansion power. Sheldon Lavin, the OSI industries Chairman, believe that using of sophisticated capitalization and technology is the power to negotiating willing deals with investors. A trained banker and investor who understand in maintaining a caring relationship with its investors and the company still has McDonald’s as their core client. OSI Group boasts of holding the position of number 58 in the Forbes ranking, and it prides in being among the largest private company in America with a stunning high return of profit of 6.1billion dollars yearly.

The OSI group built its global series of joint ventures and profitable expansions as the food providers in Austria, Brazil, Poland, Mexico, Pacific Rim, and Hungary hence dominating these countries food solution services. The company later expanded to Asian nations providing their unmatched food solution services and then its robust expansion strategy dominate the Europe market getting into various acquisition deals with Baho Food among others.

The numerous activities in Europe lead to the company having another central office in German Gersthofen Town opening its door to the public in 2016.OSI industries still maintained close links and operation in America opening different operational facilities, and in 2016 it acquired the Tyson Foods Chicago processing plant. The facility has a high capacity for production, and it adds to the company growth and portfolio diversification that includes the output of vegetable products.

OSI Industries believes in a secure chain of working relations, and it opened its Culinary Innovation Centers and an R &D center with the core aim of tapping into client’s strengths and needs. The centers offer the basis of open levels of communication with consumers and retailers creating a robust base and ways of adapting to their customers’ needs. The centers are vital to their success since it offers more knowledgeable ideas of their client’s sophisticated consumption choices and also enhancing their integrity, quality and safety measures.

For details: www.crunchbase.com/organization/osi-group

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