Leadership Of Michael Burwell In Willis Towers Watson


Today Michael Burwell is the sitting chief financial officer at the Willis towers Watson. This company offers outstanding services by turning client risks to a path of growth. With its foundation dating back to 1828, it has been able to employ more than 40000 employees working with more than 140 countries worldwide. Before he became part of Willis tower Watson, Mr. Michael Burwell spent 31 years at the Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC).


On his stay here, he spent 11 years under the assurance practice, working on the agency advisory service. However, in 1997 mike was elected a partner and this saw him relocated into Detroit transaction unit. Following his success in Detroit, he was put in charge of PcW’s US transaction business. In 2009, Mr. Michael Burwell was elected incapacity of the chief financial officer as well as the chief operating officer to oversee operations in the PWC US business.


Later on in 2012, he was elected the chairperson to chair global and US transformation. In this docket, he provided significant help in most of the shared activities. Mr. Michael is a holder of a degree in business administration earned from the Michigan state university. Besides, he is also a certified accountant. In 2010, mike was named as the Michigan state university alumnus of the year.



How does He ensure Productivity in his Day?


Michael starts his day at 5 a.m. Michael ensures that his bed is made before embarking on other tasks. This way he feels that he has accomplished something vital. Secondly, he provides that he get to his peloton bike either at home or from any other place. When riding this bike, he critically reflects on tasks that need to accomplish later in the day.



Unique Habits that make him More Productive


His mindset is an ideal way that he uses to do more for less. He also believes that technology aids great workers to be more productive. As such, Michael Burwell continually shares any significant app that helps him work with others. This way, he also creates possibilities to learn new ideas.


Furthermore, to ensure that there is a success in any venture, Mr. Michael suggests that remaining positive is vital. Additionally, work restlessly, and you will succeed. He further explains that after reaching triumph it is good to celebrate with other stakeholders. On the other hand, when you fail to achieve the outlined goals reflect critically on the cause of that failure.


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