Jeff Herman Fights for Sexual Abuse Victims through Herman Law

Jeff Herman is a former commercial litigator who specializes in sexual abuse cases. He has earned nation-wide recognition for exposing various sexual abuse scandals. His firm Herman Law is based in Boca Raton, Florida.

Becoming a Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Jeff Herman was touched by the story of a mum whose autistic son was sexually violated at pre-school, a place meant to be a child’s solace. He devoted himself personally to this case and discovered ultimately that it was due to poor background checks and hiring practices enforced by the school. The fact that this misfortune could have been avoided if the school took protective measures when hiring was alarming.

His Career

Jeff Herman successfully held the school accountable for their negligence and the role they played in the tragic events this child went through. Bringing justice and closure to this family, encouraged Jeff to dive into that line of work full time. Ultimately Herman Law devoted itself to focusing solely on advocating for the rights of victimized and marginalized individuals such as this child.


Moreover, Jeff Herman believes that to be successful in your career, passion must play a key role, along with education, experience, drive and motivation. This line of work requires a copious amount of multi-tasking, a steady head and long hours away from home. It is not for the faint-hearted. It is also essential to have compact information and maintain the organization of information.

Supporting Victims

Jeff Herman derives his satisfaction from turning victims into survivors and bringing closure, confidence and respect to individuals affected by sexual abuse, often because of the negligence of institutions that are responsible for the safety.

Herman Law

Herman Law offers a free consultation and only collects fees once a successful verdict or settlement has been reached. Theses complimentary consultations help provide the first step for clients. This breeds client trust, understanding of their complete loyalty to serving their client’s needs and knowledge.

The Outline

Herman Law is currently taking on pro bono cases and sensitizing partners, community leaders and other individuals on prevention of potential abuse, screening for abuse and effectively speaking with those who have been affected by sexual exploitation. In conclusion, Herman Law is committed to providing excellent services, time and efforts to all clients. They continue to devote 100% of their time, resources and energy towards their campaign.

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