Vinod Gupta’s Influence on the Next Generation

Vinod Gupta is someone whose success story can inspire people all over the world. He began with a simple $100 Bank Loan, and before he knew it the company had grown to over $680 million. His current investment firm Everest Group has proven to be a successful venture. They support start-ups and using technology to increase a company’s efficiency. A recent article on the website Weekly Opinion discusses how Vinod Gupta is investing in Women’s Education.

Just like many other successful businessman, Vinod Gupta wanted to give back to the community. He has participated in the creation of schools, course creation, and charity efforts in the India region. Vinod Gupta’s most recent venture is creating the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic school. At this location, women can get on the fast track to completing school, in as little as 2 years. While in his home village, Vinod Gupta has paid for small schools, textbooks, and the transportation for students. This contribution to the gap between male and female makes him a respectable man in the business world.

There have been other areas where Vinod Gupta has invested. He established a $500,000 scholarship at University of Nebraska at Lincoln. This is designed to aid minority students study science and engineering programs at the college he once attended. He then went to donate money towards George Washington University School of Business, for the creation of a monumental fellowship program in his late son’s honor.

There are countless businessman in the world, but few are as devoted to cultivating the next generation quite like Vinod Gupta. He has invested an abundant amount of money to his home country of India, in addition to donating to schools within the United States. Vinod Gupta will be a strong inspiration for the next generation.

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