Susan McGalla Offer Practical Advice to Women to Help them Advance in their Career

Susan McGalla said in one of the interviews that she gave that there are many challenges that women face in the corporate world, but such problems are diminishing these days. It is because the companies realize the true potential of allowing the women to be at par with the men in the business. In most of the companies that have an equal proportion of men and women in their executive positions have shown better performance. Susan McGalla says that while the problem of glass ceiling does exist across the globe, it can be eliminated with time with the help of broader acknowledgment by the higher management in companies about the role women play in the organization’s success.

Susan McGalla has studied at Mount Union College and did graduation in marketing and business. From her very childhood, her parents never differentiated between her and her brothers. It is what infused in her the sense of equality with the opposite gender, and it is what helped her compete without any gender based inferiority that is omnipresent globally. Susan McGalla feels that women can achieve anything they set their mind on, and as the world is changing and more and more women are leading multi-national organizations, it is necessary that people recognize the true potential of what a woman can achieve.

Susan McGalla advises women not to give up their career just because they are not going the same opportunities. They need to work hard, and they are surely going to achieve success in whatever career they choose for themselves.

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