Whitney Wolfe Prepared For Dating App Greatness

Whitney Wolfe is proving herself to be the woman to see when it comes to feminist app concepts. She has made sure that her role as one of the top female app developers is solidified with her Bumble app. Initially this was considered a dating app only, but Whitney Wolfe has found a way to get some wiggle room in the app development industry. She has found a way to bring about a social media environment that extends far beyond dating alone.


This has always been the plan for Whitney Wolfe. She is someone that has given a lot of thought to building a social media environment for women, and it appears that Bumble is just what females needed at this time. It is being promoted as one of the safer dating apps because there is a level of authentication that comes for verifying personalities that are on this site.

Whitney Wolfe is someone that plan things out in great detail. She knew that she had the research the industry so she took time between Tinder and Bumble to do this. She made sure that she took every precaution to do what was needed to build a better dating app environment. She had already worked as a co-founder on Tinder and she had been part of this environment. Wolfe knew one thing for certain. She knew that she did not want to work and environment like this again. She also knew that she did not want to create another app that was only going to mimic what was already being done about my Tinder.

Wolfe had a desire to raise a standard. This is why people are highly fascinated with Bumble. People knew that there would be a great amount of anticipation for an app like this because it was going to change the way that men and women were interacting online.

Whitney has has been pounding the pavement and actually building her app to include social networking and friendship building. These are aspects of social media that have been needed, but there was no one stepping up to feel the void. Whitney Wolfe feels that she has a unique platform because it caters to women that are looking for these type of concepts. Meet the Tinder Co-Founder Trying to Change Online Dating Forever.

The best thing that she did was start slowly. She started with the dating app and she expanded the the possibilities of the app as she built her audience.

Contact Whitney Wolfe: www.forbes.com/profile/whitney-wolfe/

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