OPSkins and Malcolm CasSelle Tread Decentralized Waters

OPSkins, global in-game asset retailer and worldwide bitcoin giant, is launching a blockchain platform called WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). The product of designers and OPSkins own CIO Malcom CasSelle, WAX is a P2P trading market, allowing players to sell virtual assets. It uses blockchains to create smart contracts that bolster trading efficiency. CasSelle is the CEO and president of WAX, and believes it to be the next wave of the future.

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur, investor, innovator, and top-level executive with decades of experience in digital markets. He has been a major part of numerous companies that operate in all aspect of the digital industry. A graduate of MIT and Stanford, CasSelle began his career in a simple little company called NetNoir.

As CIO of OPSkins CasSelle has been instrumental in aiding the company to become a global leader. He is also an early stage investor it the bitcoin boom, an investment he brought OPSkins in on. They are currently the world’s largest merchant for the digital money.

Decentralized markets have always had the same problems, Fragmentation and Fraud. Sellers do not know if the buyer is legit and vice versa. WAX solves both problems with one stone, a stone called blockchain. The simple little widget allows gamers instantaneous buying and selling capability. It also means that for once players can sell their digital wares and make a profit. Instead of the commodities turning to dust on the rack of some department store

According to CasSelle the gaming industry is in a prime place to set a fire under cryptocurrency. It has gained a lot of popularity across the board and is already considered by many to be viable. Such a development like WAX will inevitably pull cryptocurrency forward. Never before have players been able to sell virtual assets, they are locked into the game they are playing. WAX could potentially turn gamers into avid investors.

At present cryptocurrency is still the new kid in class, and the other kids are still staring. Investors are becoming more involved, but many still do not understand how it works.


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