Alex Pall: A Phenomenal Musician

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are the members of the music duo The Chainsmokers. They made several hits since their career started in 2012, and one of the most recent songs to be released by the phenomenal pair is called “Closer” featuring a new singer named Halsey. The vocals of Drew Taggart was used in the song, and unlike their counterparts in the field of DJ-ing, The Chainsmokers are making sure that some of their voices will also be heard in the songs that they create. The two wanted to be known internationally and thanked their fans from all over the world from their continued support for their creations.


Alex Pall and Drew Taggart had very different lives before they became the Chainsmokers. Being a DJ has been the hobby of Alex Pall, and growing up in New York City, he used his talent as a DJ to perform in different clubs and earn money for a living. He has a day job working at an art gallery, and every night, he would go inside the clubs across the city to do what he is good at. Eventually, he decided to master his skill in being a DJ and left the art gallery for good. He became a mainstay at local clubs and bars, and he drew many fans because of the beat and the music that he makes. He became acquainted with his future manager after meeting him inside the bar, and later on, he was acquainted with his future music partner, Drew Taggart.


Drew Taggart, on the other hand, is a local musician from Maine. He was in college when he first met his partner, and they instantly bonded because of their passion for music. The two became well known around the world because of the kind of music that they share with the public. Most of their songs are also uploaded on their YouTube channel, where it gets millions of views. Today, the Chainsmokers are busy doing world tours, and they promised their fans that they would continue to create electronic and dance music that will inevitably become a hit.

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