Wealth Management with Richard Dewayne Blair

It is essential that one has a plan in place to ensure that they are prepared to live a comfortable life now and after they retire. Many people do not take the time to prepare for retirement adequately. Neither do people get help to make sure that they are managing their money well before it is time for them to retire. Citizens in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas are being prepared for retirement by becoming clients at Wealth Solutions. The name speaks for itself. The company is dedicated to making sure that one is managing their wealth and creating a solution for them to do so. Wealth Solutions has been around since 1994. The company was founded by Richard Dewayne Blair.

Richard Dewayne Blair was inspired to found Wealth Solutions because of the love that he had for teaching. Blair’s mother and grandmother were both educators that loved teaching. They enjoyed teaching so much that he developed a passion for teaching. After graduating from college, he began his career in finance which was in 1993. In 1994 he opened his own firm to teach people how to manage their wealth. He has many certifications in finance that aid in his teaching and planning strategies when he is working with his clients.

Richard Dewayne Blair has made a name for himself through his three pillar system. He created this system to make sure that he has an order in which he is able to help his clients reach their fullest financial potential. The first pillar allows Blair to evaluate the situation that his client is currently in. He looks at their current situation to see what their strength are and what they need to do to overcome the weaknesses that they have. The second pillar is where a plan is put together to ensure that the clients reach their fullest potential in their finances. The third pillar is where action is taken. He watches the account to make sure that things are going smoothly an d to make any adjustment necessary to make sure that the client is financially successful.


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