Fashion Students Bring the Fierceness at the Academy of Art University

The article, The Spring Show at Academy of Art University Allows Students to Experience Runway Exposure features a fashion show by graduating fashion design students from the Academy of Art University. The show took place on April 26, and the fashion pieces were on display from May 18 through June 9.

The school was founded in 1929 in San Fransisco, California by painter and magazine editor, Richard S. Stephens. The school started in a loft Mr. Stephens rented out to conduct his advertisement art class. In 1951, his son, Dr. Richard A. Stephens became president of the University and in 1992, the founding Stephens’ granddaughter, Dr. Elisa Stephens, took over as president and remains the president today.

The article makes a point of showing that diversity in art is key. It gives information about the school itself, focusing heavily on the diversity of the student body. Consisting of a cultural mix mainly from the United States, Nigeria, Mexico, and various countries in Asia, the cultural variety spills over into the work of the students, showing all of the different cultures in a plethora of varying forms of art. There is also age diversity, where a non-traditional student named Eden Slezin is highlighted to show that art education is for any age, at any point in their lives.

The article highlights a 2016 graduate of the Academy of Art University School of Fashion who was a contestant on the hit television reality show, Project Runway named Brandon Kee. Brandon was one of four finalists on the show the year after he graduated from the Academy of Art University. Although he did not win, he made a huge impact on the runway for New York Fashion Week, and on the show itself. His work was spoken about by the School of Fashion executive director, Simon Ungless, and even the editor-in-chief of Elle Magazine, Nina Garcia.

The article shows how the Academy of Art University prepares students for success in such a competitive field. Anyone can live their dreams. According to this article, Brandon and Eden did just that.


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