Randal Nardone’s touch of business leadership

Randal Nardone’s touch of business leadership

Randal Nardone is a self-made high net worth businessman with interests spanning several industries. He has accumulated an estimated $1.8 Billion to earn himself rank 557 on the Forbes list of billionaires as at 2017. The majority of this wealth is understood to have come from Fortress Investment Group where he is a cofounder and current Chief Operating Officer while also managing legal matters and overseeing structured financing activities. Fortress Investment Group has a public offering that earned him a reported $1.6 Billion.

Randal Nardone has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Biology from University of Connecticut and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Boston University. After his education, he got a stint with Thacher Proffitt % Wood, BlackRock Financial, UBS before cofounding the asset-managing firm Fortress Investment Group in 1998.

The growth of Fortress Investment Group over the years to become one of the largest alternative asset management companies in the world today is attributed to the leadership off one Randal Nardone. He is credited with ensuring that the group’s representation in the market has been robust, solid and very reliable which has seen the business cement its position at the top.

For a successful company, its employees are the most motivated part of the company. This is not any different within Fortress Investment Group where the employees attest to a good working environment provided by the firm. Randal Nardone’s leadership has received praise from both employees and partners for a tremendous leadership style, friendly to both employees and customers that ultimately drive up the company’s outlook to its customers and interested parties.

Fortress Investment Group is now operating as a subsidiary of Japanese firm SoftBank. Again, Randal Nardone proved to have his customers at heart when he agreed to a deal where he and other partners will reinvest at least 50% of their after-tax proceeds from the buyout deal into the already-running vehicles previously handled by Fortress before the buyout. This is to show confidence in the continuing deal and also for the customers to know that their interest are still the priority for the group as a whole.


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