Sussex healthcare: Leading The Industry In Care

Sussex healthcare was established in 1985. As of this date, it has 20 homes in the United Kingdom near the southeastern section. The facility has state-of-the-art technology and provide services those suffering from complications such as motor neuron disease, dementia, lesions that attack the spine, multiple sclerosis and traumatic injuries. They have experts on call 24/7. Sussex healthcare has many specialists on hand to take care of and handle sessions that involve reflexology, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy.


The company has been recognized from two high-profile organizations. In the last 10 years there has been a spike in the need for home health aides. With a nurse shortage it has affected many medical centers. Even though there is a huge demand many home health aides jobs they recently only jumped 16% or less. In 2010, at-home services have increased by 35 percent for the average costs. It’s expected in the next 5 years that an increase of 12 percent will happen in the home health aids industry.


Research shows that 10.8 million individuals living in the United Kingdom will need custom care. When anyone chooses Sussex healthcare services they have skilled professionals on hand to provide an in-depth evaluation. This includes determining what type of activities the resident may want to engage in, their current condition, and the services their previous caregiver was providing. They also note their mobility issues. Sussex Healthcare staff will put in place strategies that can often help an individual’s symptoms along with questioning the resident to get further understanding.


The staff often manages a variety of group sessions that targets hydrotherapy that has proven to increase flexibility, strengthen joints, reduce soreness and in hands and increase individuals well being. Sussex health care also organizes activities giving residents a chance to enjoy crafts. It’s been noted in many reports these sessions have unlocked the creative abilities of many. They have also have played a part in reducing issues with the joints in one’s hands and improving memory.


When residents choose reflexology they will get massages to relieve any issues with migraines, stiffness or bad joints. It will increase the amount of hormones and boost energy, sharpen focus, decrease anxiety and help bone density.

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