Freedom Checks: MLPs and Making Money

Investors are lining up to get what’s called Freedom Checks. Those who took the time to learn about these unique checks are expected to cash in on investment opportunity. Matt Badiali is the champion behind the introduction of these huge payouts that are expected to reach 34.6 billion in Freedom Checks. The distribution is expected to begin at the end of June. One thing most should keep in mind is that these checks do not come directly from the United States Government. What they can do, however, is provide monthly payments that surpassed anything most investors have expected to receive from any type of government program out there. It maybe easy to think that these checks could be a sketchy scam, in all reality, they are legitimate and go to investors who have taken the time to invest in the oil industry.

Back in 1981, congress passed legislation that created what is called Master Limited Partnerships. These MLPs allowed business partnerships to be created and behave as if they were publicly traded limited partnerships on the market. They are solely made up with a function that can trade throughout the U.S. All assets are given to investors. MLPs did not have any regulation at the time of their birth. It is now recognized under Statue 26-F. Up to $34.6 Billion in “Freedom Checks” to be Paid Out.

It is a tax-free operation that has only two requirements. One is that, 90 percent of any MLP revenue must be generated from the transportation, storage, processing and production of gas and oil within the United States. The other requirement is that all shareholders receive Freedom checks.

As it stands today, nearly 568 companies have met the qualifications when it comes to being in an MLP. If investors decide to sell their shares, they can do so along with receiving a capital gains tax rate. One advantage of this is that capital gains rates would come out lower that income tax rates. To get started, one must purchase shares in an MLP, which is no different then if you were investing in Apple or Google. Your Freedom checks can be sent to you by mail or deposited into a brokerage account.

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