Jason Hope Contributes Large Sum To SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is one of the state of Arizona’s most successful entrepreneurs. He has been behind dozens of successful startups, including the first premium mobile content streaming provider ever to take form.

As the man behind that company, known as Jawa, Hope was able to beat some of the major players in tech to the premium mobile streaming business model by more than a decade. At a time when the majority of U.S. citizens didn’t even own a mobile device, Hope had already completely established one of the key markets that companies like Apple, Amazon and Google use today to generate billions of dollars every year.

But Jason Hope has also been a lifelong advocate of medical science. From an early age, he was always intensely interested in the ways in which technology could meld with medicine to produce spectacular improvements in the lives of everyone. In particular, Jason Hope has long had an interest in the power of medicine to extend the human lifespan.

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Now, he is in a position to directly influence how medical science will conduct research and in which direction it will go. Jason Hope recently gave more than $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, an organization that was founded by internationally renowned anti-aging scientist Aubrey de Grey. The donation will be used primarily for the study of atherosclerosis and the underlying causes of that disease.

The SENS Foundation issued a statement in which it thanked Jason Hope for his magnanimous donation and said that it would likely be sufficient to fund a full-time team of researchers for more than a year. This is a significant boost to the organization, and it will help move the state of medical science forward.

The futurist has said that he believes that understanding the etiology of atherosclerosis is important. This is not just due to the fact that the disease is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year in the United States alone, but also because the underlying inflammatory response that gives rise to the disease is also implicated in a wide range of other geriatric conditions.

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