What Alex Hern Sees In Cross Reality Software

The future of the tech industry is going to be interactive. From entertainment to communication, we’re going to be immersed in virtual worlds. Alex Hern wants to play a part in making the innovation behind this interactivity. His new company Tsunami VR specializes in immersive software. The various technologies that will create this immersion are known as cross-reality. Some forms of cross-reality like virtual reality are already popular, but this technology is still in development. At the moment, cross-reality is a blank canvas. Software developers can shape cross-reality into anything they want it to be. With the right vision, Tsunami VR can lead the new wave of cross-reality software.

For Alex Hern, cross-reality represents the ultimate communication medium. When people talk to each other, most of their messaging is nonverbal. The words we use to express ourselves deliver a fragment of the intended message. With virtual reality, you can use facial expressions and other nonverbal means of communication to talk. For business professionals, this can become game-changing innovation. Clients are more likely to buy services during an actual conversation. Tsunami VR is helping businesses create communication solutions, and their clients seem to enjoy the results. Investors are paying attention to this company, and they want to have something for themselves.

Cross-reality software is going to give us more than virtual reality. Augmented reality is on the horizon, and it’s changing the way we perceive the world. Hern wants to add AR software to Tsunami VR’s lineup soon. Investors like the direction he’s taking the company, and they’re eager to see the impact Tsunami VR will have on the industry. If these VR business communication solutions become popular, cross-reality developers will follow Hern’s example. Alex Hern sees a future where cross-reality software is accepted as another part of life. It seems like that really isn’t far away.

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