The Committment of End Citizens United

End Citizens United (ECU) are committed to making great money from politics and repairing the manipulated-d systems in D.C., so that it is working for all American people. It works with the elected members of the Congress, who will struggle to overthrow the ECU and pass on meaningful reforms.

While several reform organizations have been working for years to gather basic support to overthrow End Citizens United, the 2010 ruling on the courts, allowing companies, trade unions, and people to put an infinite amount of money into the policy campaign; the final committee takes a more aggressive approach to politics. Read more about End Citizens United at

While End Citizens United also hopes to help with the reform of the national level campaign, its main goal of transforming a constitutional change into the 2010 ruling on the courts is to meet some skepticism by the finance experts of the campaign.

Recognizing the significant reform of the population, End Citizens United have been set up as a policy commission on March 1, 2015. End Citizens United believes that the time has come for each member of the Congress to collaborate as a whole, rather than to help only those who have contributed a lot of cash to their campaign.

In November, Seattle voters approved a first-class ballot by the ballot box, which will provide each of the four-dollar democracy to be given as they would like to be part of the candidate who agrees to respect the spending limit.

Robert Post, the dean Yale law school (a university of justice) says that the electoral integrity is vital for a functional democracy and guarantees the limit on the cash flow of the campaign. In any case, the reform of the campaign has an advantage as compared to gun rights and gay rights supporters in the 1980s : the public opinion is on its own.



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