Chasing the American Dream, Entrepreneur Doe Deere Share Her Coming To America Story

Doe Deere may fool onlookers with her vibrant hair, signature makeup, and wild style. However, the sensational CEO and ‘Unicorn Queen’ of Lime Crime did not always enjoy a glamorous lifestyle and presence. Originally born Xenia Vorotova, Doe Deere struggled many years in America, after arriving from her hometown of Izhevsk, Russia. Her story as an immigrant in America is a familiar tale, wrought with hardships, hard work, and the determination and grit to succeed.

Growing up in a small city in Russia, Doe Deere often dreamed about living in America. She was constantly surrounded with imagery of America being a land of opportunity and enjoyed the popular music and magazines from the land of freedom. At the age of 17, Doe Deere packed up her belongings and left for New York City with her mother and sister. However, nothing would fully prepare Doe and her family for her future life in America.

Life was very challenging, as both Deere and her family could barely make ends meet. Despite taking on odd jobs to survive, eventually, Doe and her family ended up homeless. Thankfully, Doe stayed strong and began creating fashion sketches to escape her painful reality in America. Doe Deere’s creativity and emerging talent caught the eye of a social worker, and she was ushered into the esteemed Fashion Institute of Technology.

Attending F.I.T. transformed Doe Deere’s life, and helped propel her to create her makeup company, Lime Crime. Doe Deere never forgot how her hard times made both she, and her family resilient. Doe Deere’s harrowing story of leaving her home in Russia, arriving in a mega-metropolis like New York City, and surviving homelessness and NYC projects transformed Doe Deere’s outlook on life.

Today, Doe Deere continues to work tirelessly to achieve her personal ‘American Dream.’ She is thankful that her passion to succeed despite the odds, and the help that she received when at a vulnerable point in her life, helped her achieve the impossible. As someone who was formerly homeless an immigrant, and now a CEO, she proves that the American Dream is alive and well.

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