The Endeavors of Ryan Seacrest

If you are not familiar with Ryan Seacrest, you certainly will be soon, working relentlessly in various industries for over 15 years. In 2002 Ryan Seacrest received the position of co-host on American Idol and worked alongside comedian, Brian Dunkleman. The following year, he continued as a single host, and shortly after, landed a $45 […]

Groupon co founder Eric Lefkofsky now aims to save lives instead of your money

Perhaps best know for his involvement in the company Groupon, businessman Eric Lefkofsky has shown himself to be one of this generations visionaries. With multiple entrepreneur endeavors, his philanthropic efforts and his latest effort aimed at curing cancer. His work ethic and drive have allowed him to become one of our most successful entrepreneurs. Eric […]

Tsunami XR Founder Alex Hern On The Importance Of Cross Reality

Cross Reality has become popular among the mainstream. However, keeping up with terms such as augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality can be difficult for consumers. That’s why cross reality is emerging as a combination of the terms. What Is Cross Reality Cross Reality is combination of many different environments and human machine interactions […]