The Path To Jose Auriemo’s Career Actualization And Position In BoF

Jose Auriemo Neto is the chief executive officer of JHSF. He is married to Mariana Landmann Auriemo and father to two children. Jose started his journey when he attended college to study engineering. However, before the end of his term, he realized that his calling was not here but in corporation business.

JHSF had been working in other markets but in the 95’s it changed into incorporation. In the 2000’s Jose Auriemo Neto who at this moment was the company’s executive saw a future in the branch of incorporation. This market was moving fast in the world. It is at this time that the idea of Parque Cidade Jardim came to him, a multifunctional mall. It was to be located on about 38,000 m2 of land in the Marginal Pinheiros area.

Many people thought this was the beginning to an end and dint expects this business to go through and be successful. When the project was complete Brazil had a mall, Parque Cidade Jardim that harbored shopping malls, commercial buildings, and residential buildings among others within it. Not only was the project complete but it brought in a lot of profit to JHSF to the extent that they were able to trade shares on stock exchange. The company also made an extra $640 million this July when it sold its minority interests to XP malls from four of the company’s assets. [Cidade Jardim, Bela Vista, Ponta Negra and Catarina Fashion].

The Business of Fashion releases a list of the most influential people in fashion every year. This year’s new edition of the business of fashion 500 had Jose Auriemo Neto otherwise known as Zeco the Chief Executive Officer of JHSF in it. He was one of the few Brazilians that were listed. He has come to be known because of the difference he has caused in the world of fashion in his country Brazil. This difference was noted when he launched Cidade Jardim, the largest shopping mall that houses over 200 brands in it. He is also recognized in Brazil for introducing Jimmy Choo and Hermes to the country. Zeco is also an estate developer. He has also received recognition during the dinner gala in New York this year August.

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