Tsunami XR Founder Alex Hern On The Importance Of Cross Reality

Alex HernCross Reality has become popular among the mainstream. However, keeping up with terms such as augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality can be difficult for consumers. That’s why cross reality is emerging as a combination of the terms.

What Is Cross Reality

Cross Reality is combination of many different environments and human machine interactions created by computer technology. Cross Reality’s flexibility has helped create fans throughout the World. While Cross Reality is primarily used by video game players, the technology is starting to enter the business realm. Many companies in different industries are taking note of cross reality’s ability to create cheaper and quicker solutions.

Solving Problems

Real Estate companies are using Cross Reality to create real World models that allow you to take a virtual tour inside of them. Companies can create a virtual home using e-furniture. Other companies are using Cross Reality to help train their workforce. Cross Reality is changing how people view, interpret, and extract data. Medical companies are making interactive models through medical imaging. Cross Reality is helping make CT scans and MRI’s more thorough. Surgeons are using the technology to take ultra sounds and MRI scans. Medical experts believe that cross reality has the ability to simplify complex medical procedures.

Tsunami XR

California based company Tsunami XR provides companies with pre-packaged Cross Reality solutions. Tsunami XR is making headlines throughout the industry. The company has software suites that allow businesses to use 3D modeling and Virtual Reality. Tsunami creates Cross Reality software applications for the global enterprise market. Tsunami XR founder Alex Hern says that the company strives to create elite levels of scalability and security. Hern notes that Tsunami XR’s leadership team features leaders in the fields of digital media, security, SaaS, and communications.

About Alex Hern

Tsunami XR founder Alex Hern has been a successful entrepreneur with a career that extends more than 20 years. Alex Hern has primarily assisted with start up companies. Hern has helped found CloudShield and Inktomi Goldman Sachs, among others. Alex Hern says that the key to creating a great start up company is building a great team and staying disciplined.

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