Groupon co founder Eric Lefkofsky now aims to save lives instead of your money

Perhaps best know for his involvement in the company Groupon, businessman Eric Lefkofsky has shown himself to be one of this generations visionaries. With multiple entrepreneur endeavors, his philanthropic efforts and his latest effort aimed at curing cancer. His work ethic and drive have allowed him to become one of our most successful entrepreneurs. Eric grew up in South-field, Michigan, the son of a teacher and an engineer. He attended the University of Michigan graduating with honors, and the University of Michigan law school receiving his Juris Doctor.

Once he left law school he started his business career by buying a clothing company with his friend from college, Brandon Apparel. Later they started an internet company Starbelly, which later went bankrupt. Eric followed this taste of failur up with a string of successful business ventures. He is founding partner of Lightbank, a venture fund investing in disruptive technologies. Besides Groupon he is also the co-founder of MediaOcean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkinchrome://bookmarks/gs.

As well as founding investor of Uptake technologies, a predictive analytics platform for large industries. His latest venture is biotechnology company Tempus. They have developed a library of data, both molecular and clinical. While at the same time their own operating system that allows them to access this data. The company offers genomic sequencing services, as well as a system to collect, cleanse, analyze, and apply data solutions to enable physicians to deliver personalized cancer care to patients. Their mission is to usher in an era of precision medicine, hopefully helping to cure cancer. This may seem like wishful thinking to most people, but not Eric Lefkofsky. His life and career seem on a trajectory to change to the world for the better.


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