What Are Key Sustainability Efforts Employed By OSI Group?

OSI Group has in the last two decades embarked on an aggressive expansionary campaign. It has opened up new operational bases in over 17 countries and employed over 20,000 to run their processing facilities. The meat processor has also expanded its products list and now processes both mat and vegetable products. In effect, it has become one of the largest food processing and distribution companies with their products reaching virtually every corner of the world.Most recently, it ranked 58th on Forbes list of largest private companies in the United States. The rise to stardom has, however, brought with it a fair share of responsibilities, key among them, the need to maintain the new status. Sheldon Lavin, the group CEO and Chairman, has thus initiated several crucial sustainability projects aimed at helping the high quality brand maintain and exceed its current achievements. These include:

Establishment of the sustainability department

While OSI Group management appreciated the importance of solid sustainability measures in the company, most of the processes were centralized at the processing facilities. However, in 2017, the company institutionalized the issue by including it in its corporate governance structure with the creation of the Chef Sustainability Officer‘s (CSO) post. Its occupant would be charged with the responsibility of developing and overseeing the implementation of sustainability measures across all OSI production facilities in the world.

Creation of the culinary centers

Sheldon Lavin appreciates the role technology played in helping OSI Group assume the global industry leaders position. It helped improve efficiency in factories, ramp up production capacity, and cut down on operation costs thus improving the bottom line.Determined to maintain and improve on this efficiency, Sheldon Lavin pioneered the establishment of Culinary Centers in the United States and Asia. Their primary goals revolve around coming up with even more superior factory technologies that push OSI global vision forward.

Embracing environment-friendly technologies

Sheldon Lavin’s about OSI Group has also been at the forefront of spreading environmental conservation awareness. The company has not only come up with factory technologies that cut down on production cost. It has also institutionalized others that reduce the amount of factory waste emitted to the environment. These efforts saw the company awarded with the Globe of Honor award by the British Safety Council.

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