Shervin Pishevar Word Ring Louder Following the G20 Summit

Shervin Pishevar brought attention to blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market earlier this year. He discussed the importance of the new technology. Shervin Pishevar explained how technology has become centralized. This is stifling innovation. It is not that innovation is absent from the market. Rather, only a few large corporations are making a difference in shaping the future of the digital age.

Shervin Pishevar believes that centralized innovation is a profound mistake. He has called for an increase in small business innovation. It is in only this way that the world’s greater needs can be met. Only regional and local businesses are aware of the real problems. While large corporations offer advantages to the world, they cannot possibly understand all the nuances.

Blockchain technology is beneficial for both small and large enterprises. Large corporations are increasingly employing private blockchains to improve upon internal efficiency. Blockchain is also an incredible tool for logistics and supply chains.

For small businesses, blockchains offer all these things. However, cryptocurrencies present a unique opportunity for smaller operations. Insignificant on public blockchains, cryptocurrencies enable peer-to-peer exchanges from cumbersome middle-men practices. It encourages all participants in the cryptocurrency market to add value. Cryptocurrencies do not ban middle-men. They merely require that intermediaries provide worthy services.

Cryptocurrencies enable small businesses to take advantage of global trade with the same power and zest as large corporations. It delivers unparalleled database freedoms which is an incredible asset for small network innovation. World leaders took notice of blockchain technology at the most recent G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They believe a cooperative blockchain regulatory effort is needed to encourage sustainable development.

The words Shervin Pishevar voiced earlier this year are now resonating throughout the world. He described a battle between old and new digital technology forces. This may seem trivial until one considers just how fast the world is developing. Centralized digital technology occurred prior to Bitcoin. Since then, blockchain technology has found practical uses in all areas of online business. The cryptocurrency market capitalization may have taken quite a hit recently, but new projects continue to come forward.

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