Talos Energy, Their Merger And Their Business

On August 15th, eight shallow water and six deepwater locations were put up for lease by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. Talos Energy leased out these locations, paying $5.3 million.

In 2018, Talos Energy became public when it merged with Stone Energy Corporation. The merger involved $2 billion. Talos did not file for an initial public offering; they went public earning a controlling share of Stone Energy. The business created from the merger will focus on the Mexican and American sides of the Gulf of Mexico. In the New York Stock Exchange, Talos was traded under the ticker, “Talos.”

There was a plan to make Talos public in 2014 and 2015. However, an oil bust made this not possible. The company was founded about six years ago, and was funded by private equity firms. This past summer, Mexico opened up its offshore areas to foreign investors. Oil was found in areas that Talos Energy took control of.

Talos Energy is Houston-based, which explains why there are frequently articles about them in the Houston Chronicle. Their subsidiaries include Whistler Energy II, LLC; Stone Energy Offshore, LLC; SEO B, LLC; Talos Production Finance, Inc; CKB Petroleum, LLC; and many others. The board of directors includes Timothy S. Duncan, Robert M. Tichio, John “Brad” Juneau, Gregory A. Beard, Rajen Mahagaokar, James M. Trimble, Christine Hommes, Neal P. Goldman and Charles M. Sledge.

The company operates in the Gulf of Mexico and South of Louisiana. To give back, they regularly hold community events and get involved with various organizations. Also, $500 is given to every employee so that they can help help out charitable endeavors of their choice. The organizations that Talos Energy involves itself with includes the American Cancer Society, Movember, American Diabetes Association Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and Operation Gratitude.

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