Serge Belamant Makes Significant Innovations In Technology.

Belamant is a professional recognized for his invention in the blockchain technologies. He was born in France and raised in the Republic of South Africa (RSA). Serge attended his high school and higher education in South African learning institutions where he was out-standing in academics and sports. Serge Belamant excelled in various sports such as athletics, rugby, and chess. His talents caught the attention of many people, and he got different leadership positions during his time as a student. Serge Belamant acquired knowledge on Applied Mathe-matics and Computer Science before advancing in information systems.

Belamant’s professional career

He ventured in the job market at his early twenties where he developed his skills as a software application developer. His interests and passion working at the computers impacted signifi-cantly in his career. Some of his notable contributions include the development of applications and software to analyze the water levels in South Africa.

While working at the Council for Industrial and Scientific Research, he excelled in the creation and development of computer models that enhanced operations. Serge contributed significantly in the road projects through the development of digital mapping, graphic interfaces and statistical methods that performed well with the application of the computers. His skills continued improv-ing, and his prowess in inventions led to the development of the first financial system operated scientifically at Databank.

Belamant has worked with various firms while making improvements in the computer sys-tems. He got a chance to work at Saswitch company where he got tasked with managing the IT section. His skills enabled him to spearhead inventions in his department, and he was able to im-prove the processing of transactions made by the company to the banks in South Africa. His in-novativeness led to the creation of a national ATM switch for many banks hence making the Switch company one of the largest ATM switch company in the world.

The development of Net1 Technologies

In 1989, Serge Belamant formed Net1 Technologies to facilitate the development and improve-ment in the financial sector. Some of the notable growth of Net1 Technologies happened when Visa contacted Serge Belamant to develop chip offline pre-authorized card.

His inventiveness enabled the prevention of fraud in the financial and credit sectors especially in personal identification of customers.Net1 Technologies acquired Cash Payment Services and suc-cessfully utilized the universal electronic payment systems that enhance the security of money transfers. The company grew and got listed in the Newyork stock exchange.

As the company advanced, more innovative techniques got developed such as morphing, a varia-ble pin, and building of biometric comparison engine. The variable pin was a system that im-proved the authenticity of a customer in ATM. Variable pin allowed a customer to get his bio-metric information recognized through the use of their voice.

Morphing was a technology that allowed the smart cards to operate in the universal electronic payment systems when incorporated with electronic money systems.

Serge Belamant has moved on to form Zilch Technology Limited which has made him the most successful entrepreneur in the creation of blockchain technology. His skills in the development of blockchain technology have significantly improved the cryptocurrency markets in the world.

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