Victoria Doramus and Her Line of Work

Victoria Doramus is undoubtedly one of the brightest and most creative marketing and planning minds around. But this honor didn’t come easily since she had to work all her life to get to that point despite having all the talent in the world. Below is a comprehensive background on Victoria Doramus:

Victoria Doramus’ Educational Background

Victoria Doramus joined the prestigious University of Colorado Boulder in 2002. And due to her hard work and diligence, she managed to graduate with a bachelor of arts degree in journalism & mass communication sometime in 2006. But that didn’t mark the end of her academic journey for a few years later, Victoria Doramus was back at it.

But this time around, she chose to go to the United Kingdom, in London to be specific. She joined Sotheby’s Institute of Art where she learned all about the history of western fashion and what influences the trends that come and go. It was from this London based institution that Victoria Doramus learned to look out for the trends.

Victoria Doramus and Her Involvement in Charity

When Victoria Doramus isn’t too busy with crafting working business plans for her clients or writing a piece for The Huffington Post, she is usually engrossed with her charity work. Apart from being passionate about her work, Victoria Doramus finds a lot of joy seeing other people succeeding in life.

Victoria Doramus is also an active participant in the Room to Read, which is a nonprofit organization that is involved with helping poor kids access good education. And thanks to her generosity as well as that of thousands of others, the nonprofit organization has seen well over 12 million children being direct beneficiaries.

She also happens to be an active member of the Amy Winehouse Foundation which concerns itself with helping young women overcome everything to do with drug abuse, drug addiction as well as quitting. She also uses the platform to give lectures to these women on how they can overcome and make something of their lives.

Her love just doesn’t stop with people but animals as well. The latter is evident thanks to her active involvement with the Best Friends Animal Society. Founded back in 1984, this society has for over 35 years been able to find suitable homes for orphaned or abandoned pets.

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