Sussex Healthcare is Committed to Excellence

Sussex Healthcare is always looking to improve the way it cares for its customers. It knows that the process of being the best senior living facility involves taking a look at the things is can do better as well as the things it does well. The healthcare industry is always moving forward, and Sussex wants to be a part of that. COO Steve Whittingham is taking a look at various ways the company can improve.

Part of that improvement is to have clear goals and training for all of its staff. The Sussex family includes all the staff, management and customers. The staff knows first-hand the importance of communication within the community. Sussex Healthcare wants its customers and their families to feel as if they are at home when they are with them. With so many customers having family in the area, Sussex wants to be in contact with those friends and family to make sure everyone is involved in the care process.

Sussex Healthcare has a wide range of employees who all contribute to the family. There are carers and nurses, but there are also many other dedicated employees. One area is the IT department. It is always looking at ways to improve the technical side of the company by making sure it is using the most up-to-date hardware and software. Sussex is proactively hiring new team members through postings on websites, in newspapers, and through agencies.

One area Sussex Healthcare has seen that can be improved upon are the daily activities that take place at the homes. Group activities have been replaced by more individual activities that focus on the specific needs of each person. Just as each member of the home is unique, so each activity should be just as unique. Sussex Healthcare has taken advantage of an outside company, Oomph, to help with the process. It is all part of the process to make Sussex Healthcare the best it can be.

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