Sunday Riley Taps into Nature’s Secret for Beauty

Sunday Riley has created a beauty care line that is becoming integrated into the beauty routines of countless women. Her products have been crated with botanicals and natural ingredients and offer many great benefits such as healthy-looking skin and a smooth complexion.

Most companies have never thought to use natural ingredients such as matcha or avocado in skin care products, but Sunday Riley has. Many of the ingredients that she has included on the ingredient list of her age-defying products are super antioxidants and offer many great health benefits. Although we do not actually consume what we put on our skin, many of the products that we use such as lipstick and face cream get absorbed by the skin and ends up in our system. So what you put on your skin is essentially what you eat, and as the saying goes, you are what you eat, so it had better be good stuff. Instead of drinking 20 cups of matcha tea or eating avocados every day, you can simply use her skin care products to get beautiful skin.

Sunday Riley’s products are a real hit such as her Good Genes Treatment that helps to replenish the skin or her Luna Sleeping Night Oil which helps to promote a better sleep. Saturn is a face mask like no other and helps to keep acne under control while C.E.O is an invigorating night cream that helps to repair the skin. It is also one of her bestsellers.

Sunday Riley uses many cold pressed oils in her products line because it helps to preserve the healing qualities of this crucial ingredient. She also uses argon oil such as in her Juno superfood face oil that helps to improve the elasticity of eth skin and helps to reduce acne while softening any dry patches.

Sunday Riley is a big believer in the benefits of ingredients such as avocado, cold pressed oils and matcha, and she is able to create “green” products for her customers that they love. Nature truly does have the secret to natural beauty, and Sunday Riley has tapped into it.

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