Betsy DeVos is a New Kind of Head of Education

The United States was founded with the idea that all children should have access to education in a number of different studies to allow them to be well educated and to develop a successful country. The founders implemented the availability of schools to children in the original colonies and since then it has only continued to grow. The school system in this country has had highs and lows. It has had good ideas and bad ones. More recently the school system has taken a massive hit when it comes to how students are performing in math and science studies. In other countries students are focusing more on those studies. In the United States not enough focus is being put on those studies however, and American students are falling severely behind when it comes to those studies. American students are also facing the issue of gun violence in schools. More American students have become involved in political or current affairs due to the safety of the schools in this country. The current head of the education department, Secretary Betsy DeVos, has made it clear these issues are issues she is concerned about and wants to improve for American students.


Betsy DeVos has made a point of pushing to improve school test scores in math and science, which will force teachers to focus on math and science more in their curriculum. She cites that the fact that the United States is falling behind our competition in China and Europe in these studies makes it necessary to improve our science and math education to help our students compete in the new world that will be focused on technology. She’s different for making this push for American students, but it is a necessary and powerful push.


Betsy DeVos has additionally never shied away from the issue of students feeling safe in our schools. She believes all students should feel safe when they attend a school in the United States. She has pushed for debates in congress regarding the rise in school shootings from severely mentally unwell individuals. Her call to action to Congress was met with approval by people from various parties in the Senate and House. Betsy DeVos has even called directly on the White House in regards to transgender student safety. The president did not heed her call for transgender school staff and students to feel safe using the bathroom they identify with. But she still made sure to take a stand about it and wrote to the school department that schools should make rules regarding transgender student bathroom rights.


Betsy DeVos has been a new kind of head of education, and it has meant real change in the department. Sometimes being a new kind of person in a position that has been too much of the exact same thing over and over is a good thing. Change sometimes needs someone who is very different to lead the way.


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