New Residential Investment Corp Winning Big

New Residential Investment Corp. is an investment firm that is helping people realize their dreams of homeownership. Since it was established it has helped its customer get smart mortgage plans, invest in residential and other properties, buy stocks among many other things. It has been one of the best-managed firms with accurate stock analysis reporting that provide the actual company profile.

It recently got a new recognition as Forbes listed it among the best firms globally. It was at the 26th position in a category of 2018 growth champions, in 1324th in 2018 Global 2000 category and number 430 in the category of America’s Largest Public Companies in 2018. According to the year’s financial statements, the annual revenue was US$ 2.3 billion, and asset valuation was worth US$ 22 billion while the profits were at US$ 1.4 billion.

About New Residential Investment Corp

It is a real estate investment trust based on 1345 Avenue, 45th Floor, New York City. It was founded in 2011 to manage a diverse portfolio of investment in real estate business and majorly in residential properties. It eyes to manage finances on residential mortgage loans, mortgage servicing rights, and residential-backed securities. New Residential Investment Corp is headed by Michael Nierenberg who is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman to the Board. Other executives are Nicola Santoro, the Chief Financial Officer, Jonathan Brown, the Chief Accounting Officer, and Mandy Cheuk, Head of Investor Relations. There are many other stakeholders involved as partners and has wide pool of clients from individual to corporate customers.

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