Article Title: New Companion Company, JD.ID

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2016 was undoubtedly a momentous year for Not only was the incorporated company the first Chinese e-commerce business inducted into the Fortune 500, but also established a lasting interest in the Indonesia commerce market.

Carefully considering, the endless challenges that would likely face with Indonesia’s unique topography, the necessary approval of commercial droning would be revolutionary in connecting the business with rural consumers. However, acquiring the necessary documentation has not been easy.

Three anxious years after committing to the executive decision to promptly enter the Indonesian e-commerce market, the Indonesian government approved’s initial commercial droning flight plans on January 8, 2019.

After the Indonesian government tentatively approved the commercial flight plans of the drone, the crewless aircraft set off to a rural village in West Java, Indonesia. The destination was set to an academy on the outskirts of town where enthusiastic Elementary students genuinely needed school supplies, books, and backpacks.

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