Article Title: Invests In Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Article Text: is the largest retailer in China. The company has excelled in e-commerce business for the past two decades because of the leadership style that has been applied by Richard Liu, the founder and CEO of the company. Since its formation in 2004, has always strived to give customers the choices they need. Everything that the management of this company has pursued has all been in the interest of the customer.

The success of can also be attributed to its dedication to modern technologies. This is one of the few companies that have gone ahead to establish independent innovations hubs where new ideas can be nurtured. Its adoption of new technologies has allowed it to stay ahead of other competitors since they know in advance what the customer needs. Today, it is easy to identify the products that are in line with the taste and preferences of customers by analyzing data. In order to satisfy the customers, businesses need to be serious with how they process information from its customers. The information should be customized in such a way that customers will enjoy shopping experience.

It is under the leadership of Richard Liu that this business has embraced artificial intelligence. Today, is running an artificial intelligence accelerator program. The intention of establishing this program is to host new artificial startups that have new ideas on how to make the e-commerce business even more efficient.

Already, have successfully hosted the first batch of AI startups that include FaGouGou and 9KaCha. The first startup is a legal consultancy service provider based on artificial intelligence. It allows JD’s legal team to provide legal advice that is in line with the needs of customers, merchants, entrepreneurs, and others. The other startup is a wine based startup that allows customers to search for the name of wine based on what they can remember. If you have a photo to upload, the app will analyze and provide some of the best recommendations. is expected to launch its second phase of AI incubator program soon.

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