Edwin Miranda: Why Consultancy is Good for Business Advertising

The changing nature of technology has resulted in a change to the nature of advertising in the 21st century. As Founder and CEO of the consulting firm KOI IXS, Edwin Miranda understands this changing landscape and explains the benefits of hiring a consultant to help craft advertising content, instead of using a advertising agency.

By explaining that the main difference between agency and consultancy is their focus on what makes a successful ad campaign, Edwin Miranda makes a solid case for hiring consultants over agencies.

An ad agency is a well-established business model, but it has lagged behind the changing way people see and react to media through technologies like the internet and smartphones. An agency measures success in one primary way: Ratings. The more people who see the ad, the more successful the ad. While there is some merit to this idea, consultants understand that making a meaningful connection with customers is more profitable than mere numbers.

Consultants, according to Edwin Miranda’s experience as one, tend to find a more creative approach to making new campaigns. Consultants understand that the ad time needs to do more than catch consumers’ attention for thirty seconds: It has to communicate to the consumer why this business is the best choice for them. This approach results in a more creative ad campaign that is more likely to keep a consumers attention than a flashy ad with little actual content to connect with consumers.

Businesses are taking note of the success garnered by the consultancy approach: More and more of then are turning to consultants for their new ads than to agencies. In 2017, of the top 10 ad agencies in the world, four of them were consultants. This shows the results consultants are showing their clients in terms of turnings ads into profits.

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