EOS Lip Balm Review: Evolution of Scrumptious

EOS lip balm can be seen on shelves in the beauty aisle and at checkout counters of retailers throughout the country. They’ve been around since 2007, making our lips taste of magical flavors like raspberry sorbet and baked brownie. They produce a ton of different flavors, but here are some that are sure to blow you away.

Normally, EOS lip balm would come in their signature egg-shaped container. But, rest assured. The vanilla bean EOS Organic Stick still holds up to the company’s reputation for deliciousness. The smooth vanilla will coat your lips and make you long to reapply it time and again. And, it comes in a two pack so you can have twice the flavor and natural goodness.

Vanilla orchid is another smooth flavor with a bit of a twist. Not only is this lip balm delicious, but it’s also vegan, cruelty-free and hypoallergenic. You can rest easy knowing this balm is not only good for you but also the cute little critters that were spared in its making.

Look, your lips are susceptible to the sun just like the rest of your skin. EOS has got you covered, though. Their aloe vera lip is meant to protect your lips from the harsh rays. It’s SPF 30 so you can walk about in the sun without worry.

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