How Greg Blatt Went from Being a Lawyer to a CEO

Greg Blatt is popular business executive, who is currently the CEO of Tinder as well as its parent company, the Match Group. Blatt has been associated with the online dating sector since quite a few years now, where he has gotten more than a few opportunities to show off his skills of business management.

And he hasn’t ever disappointed at that front. 

Originally having obtained his law degree from Columbia University in 1995, Greg Blatt moved on to join a few law firms to build a career in that sector. After working as an associate for five years, his moment to shine came in the form of an opportunity at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, where he became the EVP, General Counsel and Business Affairs in May 1999.

In the new role, Greg Blatt had plenty of chances to prove his mettle in this sector, which he did with quite aplomb. For more than four and a half years, Blatt continued in the position at Martha Stewart Living before he departed it in November 2003 in the favor of a job at IAC, the large scale branding and holding conglomerate that owns hundreds of brands all over the world. At IAC,  Greg Blatt fulfilled the role of EVP, General Counsel until February 2009, which was when he received yet another call to upgrade his resume.

This time, it was to move to the C-level suite.

As the CEO of, Blatt had to manage the responsibilities of running this large scale dating platform. Accepting the offer in February 2009, Blatt went on to fulfill his responsibilities until December 2010, after which he became a CEO of AIC. Now helming the very company that he once was a general counsel for, Greg Blatt ensured to work hard and climb up the career ladder even further. Greg Blatt joined Tinder as its executive chairman in August 2015, and became its CEO in December 2016, a role which he serves in to this day.

In the meantime, he had also taken the responsibility to become the chairman and CEO of Match Group in December 2015, which once again is something that he still continues to do.

That is how Greg Blatt went from the halls of law to the board meetings of business, but has ensured to keep his prowess maintained at the same level as it was all those years ago.

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