Bob Reina

In an effort to continue its trend of toppling its direct competition, Talk Fusion has yet again begun embracing the latest tech, this time making vast improvements to its already stellar, Live Meetings. The new version of Live Meetings was recently announced by the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bob Reina during a recent online […]

Role Played by George Soros to Promote Democracy and Justice in World

George Soros, the New York based billionaire investor has done it again, this time donating $18 million to his non-profit organization, the Open Society Foundations. According to information released on Wall Street Journal and reported on Fortune, the foundation is now among the largest non-profit organizations engaging in philanthropic activities in the world. The organization […]

Get Significant Dental At MB2

Several high end celebrities are opting to get dental care to look better in the entertainment profession. Do you suffer from bad breathe? Are you in a career which puts you face-to-face communication with colleagues? There are several ways you can correct your smile from prior or childhood dental issues. Your personal hygiene is very […]