Chasing the American Dream, Entrepreneur Doe Deere Share Her Coming To America Story

Doe Deere may fool onlookers with her vibrant hair, signature makeup, and wild style. However, the sensational CEO and ‘Unicorn Queen’ of Lime Crime did not always enjoy a glamorous lifestyle and presence. Originally born Xenia Vorotova, Doe Deere struggled many years in America, after arriving from her hometown of Izhevsk, Russia. Her story as […]

Wengie’s Paper Tricks to Prank your Friends!

Wengie’s 10 Amazing Paper Tricks video is one of her more recent videos to drop. These paper tricks are totally magical. Her first paper trick looks so beautiful on camera. She carefully rolls a section of paper around a pen, and propping the roll up with a pliers, lights one end on fire! The result […]